Each participating team is required to have at least one team member who is a currently enrolled student.

This student must perform a primary role in the game or app design and/or business model development. Other team members can come from any background or level of expertise.  Team members may represent a variety of disciplines, such as software development, marketing and medicine.

Teams may compete from anywhere in the world.

This is a global, online competition. Students from across the globe may participate. In past years, students from 13 different countries have competed. Games4Health is an opportunity to be part of a global effort to improve health.


First, you will need to register for the competition. Click here to complete the registration form. Each team member must register with the same team name. It is important to use the same team name because prize money will be disbursed to each registered person on the team.

How it Works

The Games4Health Challenge is a progressive competition. The competition is designed to challenge teams to communicate an idea in three different formats. Participants will submit three separate Minimum Viable Products (MVP), leveling up as each required submission is completed and judged. Each MVP should represent the same idea and content. Moving through Levels II – IV, teams must submit a one-page Executive Summary, a Mockup, and a Video. Examples of each MVP can be found in the Appendix Section of the competition packet. Submissions that achieve Level IV will be judged by a select panel of healthcare, gaming and business professionals.

There are deadlines for each individual MVP, but teams may accelerate gameplay and advance through Levels I – IV as quickly as they choose.

Level I – Registration
Registration closes January 8, 2018 (11:59 p.m. CST)
Register here: www.games4health.org
Registration for the 2018 Games4Health Challenge is open between October 16, 2017 and January 8, 2018.
Each individual team member must register to receive prize money, and each team member must register with the same team name. Prize money will be awarded to individual members of a team. Games4Health will not disburse prize money to team members who are not registered.
To register, create an account at www.games4health.org , input your team name and choose a challenge category. The challenge categories are outlined in the Challenge Categories section.

Level II – Executive Summary
Submission Deadline for the Executive Summary is January 8, 2018 (11:59 p.m. CST)
Each team must fill out and submit the Executive Summary form. Executive Summaries should describe your team’s idea from a business perspective. The link to the Games4Health Executive Summary form can be found once you login to your account. Please submit only one Executive Summary per team. Once you fill the fields in the Executive Summary, will be automatically submitted upon completion. An example of a completed Games4Health Executive Summary can be found in your Competition Packet (Appendix Section.)

Level III – Design Mockup
Submission Deadline for the Design Mockup is February 5, 2018 (11:59 p.m. CST)
Each team must submit a mockup using the design tool, InVision. Mockups should show your team’s Executive Summary from a design perspective. Mockups must satisfy the following criteria:
1) 10 or more screen shots.
2) Navigation must be user-friendly, intuitive and simple.
3) User interface must be aesthetically and graphically appealing.
An example of an InVision mockup can be found in your Competition Packet (Appendix Section.)

Level IV – Video
Submission Deadline for the Video is March 12, 2018 (11:59 p.m. CST)
One 3-minute video is required for submission.
The Video is a creative opportunity to demonstrate your game or app’s purpose and capabilities, to engage the viewer via the Video’s production quality, and to make the viewer want to download your game or app. A segment of the Video also should show how your game or app will be a successful business venture.

Video guidelines:

  • The video must be 3 minutes or less in length. Games4Health will not accept video submissions that are greater than 3 minutes in length.
  • All video content must be original.
  • Absolutely no copyrighted materials may be used in the videos. This includes music, images downloaded from the internet, stock video, etc. that is not explicitly royalty-free and available for redistribution.
  • Copyright, public domain and royalty free resources are listed in the Appendix.
  • Teams may use public domain and/or royalty free music; however, it must be cited and used appropriately as specified in the Terms & Conditions.
  • Video content may not include inappropriate language or images. Videos containing content deemed inappropriate by Games4Health staff will be disqualified.

Video content criteria:

  • Provide screen shots, story board and wireframe to provide the look and feel of your game or app.
  • Describe the revenue and business model to answer the questions of where and how you will make money.
  • Explain the efficacy of your game or app and how you would test it in a rigorous manner to provide evidence of its efficacy.
  • Describe the behavior change science embedded in your game or app in order to explain how you would get user adoption and how the game or app would change behavior to improve health.

An example of a completed Games4Health Video can be found in the Appendix Section of your Competition Packet.

Level V – Arcade and Games4Health Awards Rally Dinner
Games4Health Arcade, March 29, 2018 Games4Health Awards Rally Dinner, March 30, 2018
Every team that submits an Executive Summary is invited to the Games4Health Arcade and Games4Health Awards Rally Dinner. The March 29th 2018 Arcade is an exhibit style event where teams set up and show their game or app. Teams that cannot be at the Arcade in person may Skype in and communicate with event attendees. Competition judges and corporate sponsors are invited to attend, and the event is open to the public. Arcade attendees cast their vote for their favorite Arcade game or app. The team with the most votes receives a $1,000 Arcade prize.

The Games4Health Awards Rally is a celebration of the efforts of all participants, and free to attend. On March 30th, teams, sponsors, judges and the Games4Health committee gather for the Games4Health Awards Rally Dinner. Following a keynote address, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place winners in each of the challenge categories are announced. Because this is a global event, many teams may not be able to attend the Arcade and Rally. Attendance at these events is not required for a team to qualify for and receive prize money in the competition. All submissions that attain Level IV will be considered for the main challenge prizes, regardless of attendance at the Arcade and/or Rally.

Important Dates to Remember

  • October 30, 2017 – Level I Registration Opens
  • January 8, 2018 – Registration Closes 11:59 pm (Central Standard Time)
  • January 8, 2018 – Level II Submissions Due by 11:59 pm (Central Standard Time)
  • February 5, 2018 – Level III Submissions Due by 11:59 pm (Central Standard Time)
  • March 5, 2018 – Level IV Submissions Due by 11:59 pm (Central Standard Time)
  • March 29, 2018 – 2018 Games4Health Arcade
  • March 30, 2018 – 2018 Games4Health Awards Rally

Select a Challenge

There are four challenges in the Games4Health Challenge 2018. Each challenge deals with a different aspect of health and healthcare, including fitness, chronic conditions, clinical health care, and mental wellbeing. Your team must select one challenge and design a game or app to meet the challenge. You may submit more than one entry, but each entry can be used only one time. Read the challenges below and decide what you are most passionate about. (Click here to view Challenge Categories)


Do I have to have a complete game to enter the competition?

No, the focus of the competition is game design. Some students create the full game in alpha, beta or published form. Most others create the wireframe/storyboard design of the game to provide look and feel of the game. The more you do to develop the full game the better your thinking of the game, business model, effectiveness, etc, is likely to be, but that is not required for submission.

Should I test my game before submitting it?

It is often very helpful to get feedback from others, particularly end users, before submitting. You can do this even if you haven’t developed the game but are testing the storyboard and game mechanics. Note that it is recommended, but not required to test it before submitting it to the competition.

How much prize money is there this year?


What are the requirements for a team?

Each team must have at least one current student on the team.

Do I need to be affiliated with a university to compete?

No, as long as one of your team members is currently enrolled as a student, you are not required to be affiliated with a university to compete.

How many challenges are there?

There are 4 challenges this year:

  1. Fitness Challenge
  2. Chronic Condition Challenge
  3. Clinical Health Challenge
  4. Mental Wellbeing Challenge

Can I enter more than one idea into the Games4Health competition?

Yes, you may, but each submission can compete in only one category.

Any additional questions?

Reach out to us at info@games4health.org