Would you like to be a judge in the 2018 Games4Health Challenge? Last year, we had we had over 300 students register to compete from over 70 universities and 13 different countries. This year, we will have three (3) Levels of Judging the Challenge. We will invite all the judges for a luncheon at the University of Utah for judging at each level. This will be a great opportunity to meet your peers and students at the University of Utah. Come join us and register to be a judge, we promise you will have a great time!

Level-2: Executive Summary – Each team will submit an Executive Summary form. Executive Summaries will describe each team’s idea from a business perspective. Ideal judges will be executives, venture capitalists, angel investors.

Level-3: Design Mockup – Each team will submit mockups using the design tool, InVision. Mockups will show each team’s Executive Summary from a design perspective. Ideal judges will be product designers, UI/UX designers, and Architects.

Level-4: Video Submission – Each team will submit a Video to showcase their game in a creative way that captures target audience’s attention and engages them on an emotional level. The Video should show each team’s idea from a social media perspective, and convince them that their game or app will be a successful business opportunity. The video should demonstrate the game or app’s purpose and capabilities, and motivate the viewer to want to immediately download the game or app. Ideal judges will be faculty heads, venture capitalists, angel investors, marketing executives, and product designers.