The Challenges

There are four challenge categories. Each game or app submitted for competition must address one of these four challenges. Teams may enter more than one game into the competition, however the same game or app may not be entered in more than one challenge category. Each game must be submitted separately.  If you need assistance, please contact the Games4Health committee at

Fitness Challenge

Research indicates that increasing physical activity and performing it on a consistent basis is the most effective therapy for most diseases including mental health and is the most reliable way to increase your happiness. Yet too few people are engaged in such activity and have begun to seek new digital health technologies to make fitness fun and engaging. Students competing in this challenge will be designing and creating apps and games that increase engagement in fitness. 


Chronic Condition Challenge

Two-thirds of all healthcare costs are associated with chronic conditions. Two-thirds of all Americans are overweight or obese, a comorbid condition that increases the risk and complications associated with diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, and other similar conditions. Students in this challenge will be adding the gaming mechanics and principles to the experience of managing a chronic condition to help people achieve better health outcomes at substantially lower costs.

Clinical Challenge

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have begun to embrace the use of various digital technologies in the practice of medicine. By doing so, they can deliver a high value-added experience to patients in clinical and non- clinical environments to achieve the triple-aim of healthcare: affordable services with ubiquitous access, and high quality. In the Clinical Challenge, students will design and create apps and games that enable the same type of digital experience in healthcare that consumers experience in all other aspects of their lives.

Mental Wellbeing Challenge

Emotional wellbeing affects every facet of our lives and has an even more profound impact on those with health conditions. Positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavior therapy research indicates that mental wellbeing can be powerfully supported and improved by building particular skills. Competitive entries in this challenge should be grounded in peer-review research, have the potential to provide lasting user engagement, and should appeal to all adult age groups. Cross-platform compatibility is strongly preferred.